Last-Minute Holiday Table Addition: Summer Sangria

Sangria Summer Recipe Preston Bailey, Kathy Romero, Cocktails

Sangria Summer Recipe Preston Bailey, Kathy Romero, Cocktails

Dear Readers:

I love the Fourth of July. Not only does it symbolize the birth of the United States of America, but for me, it marks my own “official” start of summer.

It’s the perfect time to plan a romantic wedding, a family trip, read an interesting book, catch up with friends…you name it. Not to mention, it’s also the best time to enjoy a glass of homemade sangria!

I absolutely love a delicious glass of sangria, and the fact that it’s made up of rich, fabulous colors make it a perfect addition to your summer table decor. I thought today might be a good time to share my easy-to-make recipe for your last minute additions.

Note: I recommend that you keep the fruits, wine, brandy, and juices nice and chilled prior to preparing this refreshing and colorful drink.


You’ll need the following ingredients (Makes about 5 Servings).

1 lemon 1 orange

 1 apple

½ of a pear

 1 Handful of grapes

1 1/2 cups brandy

 3 ounzes of triple sec

1/ 2 cup white sugar

1 bottle red wine

2 cups orange juice

2 Cups of sprite or ginger ale


The first thing I like to do is to get the slicing out of the way. Slice all of your lemons and oranges, apples and pears thinly.

Place the oranges in a pretty glass pitcher. Next, pour in the brandy, triple sec, orange juice and sugar. Stir the mixture until sugar dissolves. Pour in the apples, pears, and grapes into the pitcher and place it into the refrigerator for at least an hour so the fruits can marinate and absorb the fabulous flavors.

Don’t forget to garnish your glass with your sliced lemons!  Happy Fourth! Enjoy safely, responsibly and in great health!

With a Happy Heart,


Kathy Romero is the Director of Event Planning for Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every Thursday.


Do you have a special last-minute recipe to share with us today?