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Dear Readers, I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and my Friday posts. I love the inspirational quotes I’ve been posting, but it occurred to me recently that famous folks aren’t the only ones whose words inspire me. Every week, ALL OF YOU inspire me, too!

So, from now on, every Friday I’m going to publish a reader comment from earlier in the week. Sometimes, I’ll publish a beautiful comment that really resonated with me. Other times, I’ll publish a comment from a reader who disagrees with me but whose insight has made me consider something in a new way. And some weeks, I’ll just publish a fun — maybe even a little silly — comment that gave me a good laugh.

First up is Lara Goldman of Romantic Travel Belize, who left the below comment on Tuesday’s Dear Preston column about the bride who was having a lot of trouble hiring a florist. I love Lara’s “Little Black Dress” analogy, and I also love her anecdote about her own very over-the-top client. Her bride wanted new beach sand! The requests we get… we couldn’t make these things up if we tried!


I totally agree with you. I think the key to success is being able to understand your clients’ TRUE desires. I have often used the analogy of going to the mall to buy a “simple black dress.” We all know the feeling: you see the basic black dress in your head, but after hours of walking the mall and stores, you’re empty handed. You designed the dress in your head, and it simply doesn’t exist.

This bride suffers from the same affliction.

I fired a client recently for the same reasons – only she wanted a 3000-year-old Mayan Temple ON the ocean. There is ONLY ONE in the ENTIRE world upon which you can get married, and she wasn’t happy with the quality of the sand. The SAND for pete’s sake! I explained to her that unless she can travel back in time 3000 years and ask the Mayans to move their temples for her, her request was ridiculous. I realized at that moment that regardless of how much time, talent, and energy I spent on her she would NEVER be happy. Not with me, my country, my services – or even her own fiance/husband.

Nope, you weren’t too harsh on your end. Just very prudent. GREAT advice, by the way!


Thanks for your wonderful comment, Lara. Have a great weekend, folks!

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