Keep or delete: Using Crystals



Keep or delete: Using Crystals

If you are in the wedding business like myself, our one and only goal is to please the brides. For many years, my brides have been one of my greatest source of Inspiration. My job is to take their dreams and make them into reality, and in that process, I have learned a great deal about myself as a designer.

There are certain design elements like the usage of CRYSTALS over the years that some of my brides’ love. And at the same time, quite a few of my brides carry the view, how sick and tired they are to see crystals at any wedding. If it were for them to decide, they would like to see the usage of crystals gone.

Personally, I am a little bit biased because I absolutely LOVE crystals. I think there is nothing more exciting than to see sparkling crystals enhancing a decor at the wedding. My love for crystals is evident looking at a few of the designs that were designed and created for my brides using crystals.

Having said that, I admit that the use of crystals at any event is much of a personal choice reflective of our brides’ likes and dislikes.

Dear Readers:

I’ll like your opinion. Should we continue to KEEP using crystals, or DELETE them?