Kathy’s Blog: How to Convert Mind Clutter into Peace of Mind



Dear Readers:

The word “clutter” means different things to different people. For many, it represents the number of unread emails in their inbox, the unopened mail in their foyer, or the many items left unfolded in their closet. Today, I want to talk about something else: Mind clutter which consists of all of those little things that interfere with your productivity, and ultimately, the way you see yourself. When the clutter in your head is not letting you perform to the best of your abilities and you are overwhelmed or things are starting to get unmanageable, it’s time to take control. The following tips may help:

Stop fearing failure. No one wants to fail, but we all will (and more than once, I’m afraid). The key is not to worry about failing, but to embrace it instead. Learn from your mistakes and work on your deficiencies. Don’t ignore the signs hoping it will go away. It won’t. Confront it, admit it, and move on. I know it’s hard to believe when you’re feeling low, but failure can promote growth if you are able to look beyond that particular moment in time.

Take tiny steps to promote movement. Greatness takes time, hard work and dedication. One step in the right direction each day will allow you to savor the journey. Don’t lose hope, regardless of how long it takes you to reach your goal. Instead of creating a task list of 300 entries, create a task list of 10 entries every day for 30 days. Trust me, you’ll obtain better results than when you try to cram everything in. Don’t rush it.

Believe in yourself…and your expertise. There will be times when a client, co-worker, or the challenges of everyday life will make you question your abilities. Do not allow others to impact your performance. Stay true to your core. Define who you are, what you stand for and stay the course. Your work will speak for itself. This is your path and you must never forget that you have control of the steering wheel.  

Follow the rule of no reciprocity. Allow yourself the ability to give and not expect anything in return. Give and forget. Keeping tabs on favors, good deeds or even good ideas will surely slow you down. Embrace the rule of “no expectation”. and just give.

Tend to what matters most to you first. This is a must. Make time for what matters most and everything else will follow suit. This automatically allows you to prioritize and remain in a happy and productive state.

Kathy Romero is the CEO and Head of Global Planning for Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every other Thursday.