Kathy’s Blog: Committing To Balance in a Busy Industry



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Dear Readers:
I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy and finding joy in the wholeness of your day. I’ve just returned from the Dominican Republic with my amazing, wonderful husband and am feeling restored, rested, reconnected and rejuvenated.

I share this with all of you because I know how hard all of us work in this industry. There’s a sense that, if we stop to breathe, we will fall behind. In reality, not stopping to smell the proverbial roses is the fastest way to burn out. Yes, this is an ever- moving business, but all things in life require balance, else they will tip over. While we all cannot simply book a ticket and fly away on a whim any time we may want to, I wanted to share a few ways to rebalance each and every day.

Breathe: We have heard this many times before, and still, how often do you sit and take those 10 deep, slow breathes experts have shown lower blood pressure, ease anxiety and help us to connect with ourselves. Instead of reaching for that midday brownie or coffee, try closing your eyes and taking 20 seconds to give yourself a moment for yourself.

Prioritize: I know, “everything is a priority”, but the reality is that, unless we break deliverables down in a way that allows us (and our colleagues) to be our most productive, we will always feel under-the-gun (which will have us all living in a constant state of stress).  Each morning, take a few moments to break down your day and stick to it as closely as you can. Be mindful of the deadlines of those around you (put them on your calendar) so that you aren’t holding others up and ask that they do the same.

Hydrate: studies have shown that a hydrated brain works more effectively than a dehydrated one. You’ll also notice that you’re less likely to hit that mid-afternoon slump as many times both sleepiness and hunger are related to thirst.

In the end, it’s important to remember that being the best professional you  can be starts with being the best person you can be–to yourself as much as others.