Julie Macklowe’s vbeauté Skincare


vbeaute skincare julie mackloweOne of the things I admire most about my friends is how inventive, creative and inspiring they are. They also take action; they’re fixers! And my friend Julie Macklowe is no exception. She’s not the only woman I know who’s been frustrated by skin products, but she is the only one I know who decided to reinvent skincare! Who does that? Julie does.

In typical Julie fashion, she partnered with a lab in Geneva, Switzerland known for its innovative skin treatment and immediately started working with their top molecular scientists. The result is her new line of high-performance anti-aging products, vbeauté.

Her products make great use of the vComplex, a potent Swiss cellular concentrate based on Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology, an age-antagonist that provides antioxidant protection… blah, blah… I confess that all might as well be gibberish to me!

The only thing I care about is that her products work, and they do. I especially love her “Undercover Agent,” an anti-wrinkle protecting serum. And, as someone who travels all the time, I love that Julie thought to offer her products in her “It Kit,” a sleek gunmetal case that holds essential skincare items in airport-security-approved sizes. I’m friends with such geniuses!

I told Julie that I think vbeauté would be great for brides, too, especially those planning destination weddings. Of course, it’s also great for all of us vendors who have to work those destination weddings and are on the road a lot.

Dear Readers, what are your favorite travel products? What do you depend on to get you through your toughest on-the-go jobs? I’d love more tips, since, unfortunately, my travel and hectic event schedule isn’t lightening up anytime soon.

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