It’s OK To Have a Child and a Career



Dear Readers,

This week, one of my dear industry planner friends approached me because she got a job offer that was a tremendous opportunity but she was hesitant to take it because she wanted to start a family. I know it’s tough but if you are a career-loving mother like me, you know it can be done. So today I dedicate this post to all of you wonderful women who are faced with having to make these types of decisions in your life.

She needed my honest opinion and so I had to spill the beans:

I confess; there are days when I envy the life of a stay-at-home mom because my days are filled with client meetings, multitasking, a plethora of personalities, timelines, and high expectations to fulfill.  Not to mention, juggling family life, baseball practices, story time, checking homework, and good ol’ toddler tantrums. All of which, I am very proud of and can honestly say don’t regret (on a good day).

There is no shame in pursuing a career while starting a family. We all see pregnancy and having children differently. I had my fist child early right after college. Although I was young, not for one second did I feel like that would slow me down. Truthfully, that thought never entered my mind. In fact, my pregnancy created a goal, a dream, and it was a source of inspiration.

This of course, is a very personal choice; at times can be swayed by our environment and perceived expectations. Therefore, avoid holding yourself back because you want it ALL.  Keep in mind, it takes time for most women when they start trying, and even after you have conceived, there are still nine months ahead of you. So much can be done… You can change the world in a day! Imagine what you can do in 9 months…  If you take this opportunity now, it will give you a chance to consider your options and if it’s truly what you want. After you’ve given birth, you can then take your maternity leave and choose to come back to the job that you love and cherish if you think it’s worth it.

This not only applies to having your first child, there are moms who are faced with the decision of expanding their families or taking the opportunity to make career changes (especially when timing becomes tricky). My daughter had just turned two when Preston offered me the once-in -a lifetime opportunity of becoming the Director of Wedding Planning and here I am today. Timing is always complicated and more than likely will never be ideal. The deciding factor lies inside you and where you are in life. Take the chance.  Take the leap! Inevitably, there are days you will want to “give up”, or you will want to “give in” instead, I’ve chosen to “give it my all”.

Readers: I would like for you to share your experiences: how have you handled starting a family while maintaining your career and what motivated your decision?

With a happy heart,



Kathy Romero is the Director of Wedding Planning For Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every Thursday.

(Photo Courtesy of Gina Zeidler)