It’s Not Easy Being Green


Joining the “green” movement in the event industry is still proving to be a great challenge. I am in the business of building and transforming spaces from tents to empty raw spaces, not to mention constantly using thousands of blooms flown in from remote parts of the globe.

Yes, I have heard more than once that we should try using flowers in season (most of the time, these are not my client’s favorite). I am the first to admit that even though a few years ago I was oblivious to making a commitment to try and save the planet, I have made more than a conscious effort to try my best.

Here are a few of the practical ways I introduce some green into my events:

  • Re-use materials for other purposes after the event is over. Last weekend, I did a wedding in Carmel where I used these wonderful dark wood floors for the dance floor. We donated them to Habitat for Humanity after the wedding. Most of the materials and vases we purchased for the event were also given to our clients for future use.
  • Use local vendors. I needed a small army to execute this event, so I brought only my key designers and backed it up with amazing vendors from the area, saving on fuel. We used local fabricators, lighters, rentals, landscapers and more. Thank you to the amazing Karen and Lisa from Exhibit Floral Studio for your help on the floral design.
  • Use flowers from the area. Carmel is an amazingly beautiful place with tons of growing flowers. For this event, I worked with a great landscape architect to create a magic garden, taking most of the plants back to the greenhouse for future use or leaving some for the client’s garden.

Being “green,” for me, is a work in progress. I am still trying to find the balance in creating great designs and being aware of the small changes I can make to create a difference.

What practical ways have you introduced “green” into your company or daily activities? And, I hope you are not like a good friend of mine who is trying to force me to live in almost total darkness to save electricity. (You know who you are!)