It’s My Opinion: Weddings could be a pain in the neck


It’s my opinion: Weddings could be a pain in the neck.

Ok, I can hear you all saying, “Preston, you are such a cynic.” Well, I am about to tell you a shocking story that happened at my very own wedding.

I got married almost three years ago, and after doing hundreds or maybe thousands of weddings, I finally understood what the big fuss is about!

Well, to make a long story short, it was a perfect evening. For all of you brides and grooms, you know exactly what I mean. To have a room filled with family and friends; who are there for one sole reason, to wish you and your spouse all the happiness in the world.

I was on cloud nine for weeks, until I realized that one of my long time buddy who was an usher at my wedding decided to drop me as a friend.

He claims that I behaved like a selfish pompous ass, ignoring him all evening and treating him as if he was one of the hired help. (OK I admit, it’s not the first time that I have been called selfish.)

You can’t imagine, how surprised I was. I was so involved in having a good time and loved been by all, that I forgot that even though I was one of the grooms that evening, I was also a host, and I need to treat everyone with tender loving care.

I recently made up with my long time friend, begging him for forgiveness. The worse part of it all, I wasn’t even aware that I have was been an ass.

I am sharing this story with you all as I wonder, How many of you have stories of drama at your wedding?

Please feel free to share them with us.