It’s my opinion: We should keep ourselves away from the “dream killers.”



It’s my opinion:

We should keep ourselves away from the “dream killers.”

I recently met a lovely young lady who shared her story; how she wanted to be a planner, but she was advised by a friend not to bother pursuing event planning as a profession. This good friend claimed, there are way too many event planners in the market already.

Well, not a surprise to myself! When I first started almost four decades ago, I had a good friend who said that designing and creating florals should be taken as a hobby, and should not be considered as a full-time business. He claimed that I would never be able to make a good living by just doing flowers. He insisted that I should choose another business that is more lucrative.

I freak out at the thought, and do not want to even think as what would have happened if I had taken this “good friend” advice to follow a different path. I decided to pursue my passion filled with love for florals. And believe me; I never got the time to look back all these years and think about the pro and cons of following my friend’s advice.

In my views, most of us are surrounded by a friend or a relative who does not believe in our will and desire, not only to express ourselves creatively but also to pursue the same as a profession.

I believe, we should be vigilant of these dream killers and tell them to go to hell.

My advice would be to listen to yourself and follow your creativity filled with love and passion diligently. If you’ll like to be a planner, a florist, or a cake designer, etc. Please join us, there is more than enough room for us all.

Dear Readers:

Have you ever had the “dream killers”? If yes, how did you deal with them?