It’s my opinion: We should get rid of the “theme” wedding.

8SP JPP Norwegian Wedding

8SP JPP Norwegian Wedding

It’s my opinion: We should get rid of the “theme” wedding.

I recently have a bride that asked me; Preston, I do not have a theme for my wedding, could you please help me create one?

This lovely bride’s question made me think, since when does “A Wedding” need a “theme” for it to come to life. When I think of the word “theme,” what comes to my mind is a kiddy party or a birthday celebration for a teenager. I think, the media has programmed all brides to think that they can’t have a wedding without a “theme.”

I would suggest replacing “theme” with “Ideas.” Having said that I believe, the “theme” that I would like to let go forever is of the “Vintage” theme. (Sorry folks, that’s just my humble opinion and I declare, “If I see another vintage wedding, you would see me screaming.” )

You might think that I am mincing words, but I am not. I think that instead of asking my brides, what is your theme, I much prefer asking her, what concepts and ideas you have in mind for the wedding.

I believe, a concept or idea is much broader than a theme. As a designer, I love inspiring my brides to come up with general concepts or ideas and then try to bring them to life. For Instance, I recently have a bride, and these were the ideas that she shared, to begin the process of designing the wedding:

A. A modern look but an approachable wedding. (I thought, none of those overused plexiglass ghost chairs for her.)

B. Over the top but not intimidating. (easier said than done, I thought)

C. All white wedding, but it should not look cold. (no problem, I could do that with good lighting)

D. Symmetry but not monotony. ( What?????, I must admit, I had not Idea what this meant, do you? )

It’s my opinion that we should move away from having our brides think that they need to have a theme for the wedding, and we as experts, should encourage these lovely brides to explore their personalities, to create the dream wedding.

Dear Readers:

It’s my opinion: We should get rid of the “theme” weddings. You do not have to agree with me, what are your opinions?