It’s my opinion: Time is money



I strongly believe that time is of great essence. We are in the event business where time is one of our most invaluable asset, which should be used wisely to your advantage at all times.

In today’s blog post, I’ll like to give you seven valuable tips that might help you save
some time:

1. What to do, when you have a difficult call to make that keep you awake: It’s best to address it, first thing in the morning, this way you would not waste your time thinking about it all day and carry that for later.

2. Most clients do not know what things cost for you as a vendor to save time: it’s a good idea to start explaining cost associated with time from that very first meeting in a polite manner.

3. Have a policy in place and do not forget to follow it: I give most of my new employees a six-month trial period. However, if that inner voice is telling you that they are not right? Then get rid of them immediately. On a personal note, I have made the mistakes of waiting.

4. Stay away from the tricksters: I have had to inquire for vendors presenting themselves as clients, strictly to get information about the way we operate. They always get caught whenever they claim that money is not an issue. No client in their right mind would ever use those words. Do not waste your time with these tricksters.

5. Beware of potential clients that are “professional” shoppers: These are not easy to recognize and indeed a waste of your time. I had a potential client that told me they had seen ten different florists. I found this to be a bit alarming.

6. Be careful this could be a big waste of time: It’s perfectly acceptable for a potential client to request a proposal with ranges of cost, yet what is not too acceptable is when they are asking for a full detail design before hiring you.

7. Do not make a floral presentation before having a signed agreement: I would warn you by saying that you truly need to use your judgment. If you choose to be wrong, then this could be a big waste of your time and money.

A lot of time, I have refused to use my intuitive judgment, and it has cost me time money and energy.


Could you please share with us, which of the above advice resonate mostly with you?