It’s my opinion that Your IDEAS are gold.


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Dear Preston,

It’s my opinion that Your IDEAS are gold.

Have you ever had a potential client, where you have a feeling from day one that before hiring you for the job, the potential client is picking your brain for Ideas?

Absolutely! You reminded me of an experience that happened a couple of months ago when the lovely bride came into my office, and like all times I welcome her with an open heart. She proceeded with talking about her dream wedding.

Her dream wedding followed;
a. She wanted something that no one saw before. (so far so good)

b. She LOVED flowers and wanted to transform the venue into a magical world of flowers to amuse her guests at her wedding. (I was beside myself with excitement)

c. She also wanted to incorporate new technology such as video mapping, the state of art sound system, using a DJ that will add a live instrument. (some of these requests were not that new, but still got to me)

d. Then she finally gave me her budget, that was so good to be true, that I almost fell off my chair. Ok, this is the part that I found a bit alarming. She told me that I am interviewing three more designers, and whoever gives me the best ideas, I’ll go with that vendor. Based on what I just told you, What Ideas would you represent at this time, new and different?

I said, I do not work this way. I am not one of those designers, that design on the spot. To design a job, I need to visit the space to get a feel. Then It takes quite a few days, of dreaming and creating Ideas that are unique. I would set up a time to present you only after being hired for the job.

In a way, I am selling you my IDEAS, and I am not comfortable giving them for free. Surely, I never heard back from her again. I can’t imagine any designer sharing their ideas for free, but I guess, some vendors out there are willing to give Ideas on the spot, and most likely one of them got hired to do this high-end wedding.

Dear Readers:
Today, I’ll ask you for your honest opinion. Do you think I handled this bride properly and in a professional manner explaining her my business policy?