It’s my opinion: That you should always give your clients a voice to express their unhappiness.



Let’s face it; No one likes an unhappy client. I think, one of the worst calls to get, is from a client complaining about something that they hated.

Looking back at my 36 years in business, here are my top ten complaints that I have received, and sharing the solutions, that helped to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

1. Preston, This was not the same flowers you showed me at the presentation.

Solution: Since then, I tend to photograph all my presentations and give my clients a picture of the presentations.

2. Preston, The Apricot Rose was not the color that we chose.

Solution: Well, Informed our clients in writing that many a time, we can’t get exact shade that we showed them, also that sometimes color in the picture looks different from the actual color.

3. Preston, I can’t believe that my guests were arriving and you were still not finished with the decor.

Solution: Any event that we do, I make sure that I discuss timing with the venue or the planner. Hence, keep no surprises.

4. Preston, I can’t believe that after all the money you charged, I also have to pay for your people to Install the wedding.

Solution: Always explain to our clients that weddings do not “get install” themselves. Yes, I charge for flowers and design, but I also need to charge for my people to install the wedding.

5. Preston, the lighting was terrible. I sat at my table and had a spotlight on my face all night.

Solution: Then make recommendation earlier, to hire a lighting professional for optimal results.

6. Preston, I know, you were not at my wedding, as I kept looking for you throughout the celebration.

Solution: This is why I make sure to explain to our client’s that we leave as soon as the installation is done at the venue. I see no reason to be their guest. Moreover, I learned that it is a good idea to leave someone from my crew, just for in case of any decor accident.

7. Preston, I hated my “Bridal Bouquet.”

Solution: This is the most important floral personal piece for a wedding. And I always make sure to show our bride a sample of what she is getting before the wedding day.

8. Preston, the flowers were so big that there was no space on the table.

Solution: I graciously accept and guilty.

9. Preston: I told you that I love candles, but the wax from the candles was all over the table, including the goblets.

Solution: Thereafter, I suggest “Led” candles. Else I make sure to place real candles in a properly enclosed glass.

10. (My favorite) Preston, You did not use enough flowers at my wedding.

Solution: Say what? Surely, you can’t make everyone happy.

I have learned to always give our client a voice, and ask question after each event; Could you please tell me what I did wrong?

Most of the times I get a positive response saying, “Preston, it was perfect.” And seldom do I get, beginning with first listing all the wrongs.


Dear readers:

Could you share with us, complaints that you have gotten from clients? And how you solved it?