It’s my opinion: Service is being quick with patience and slow with anger.


2015 02 25-1189

It’s my opinion:  Service is being quick with patience and slow with anger.
Let’s face it; the event world could be a very busy world at times. I think one of the most difficult things to do, is always there for our clients.

With my most recent event; I think, I slept five hours all weekend. That Friday, before this massive project began, I had a bride who’s wedding is not until next year, that kept calling me every two hours. She asks about color choices, flower choices, her dislikes, etc., nothing that could not wait.

I had a dilemma; should I tell this bride that we are super busy with another event and that she could wait till later? Or should I make myself understand looking from a different angle that regardless of how busy I am? However, I can’t ignore this bride who seem nervous about choosing the right colors for her wedding, and wanted my input having expert advice.

I remember, casually mentioning during our talk that I have had a big wedding that weekend, but that did not stop her from calling. Please bear in mind that on this particular Friday, I was furious since was busy doing a difficult installation with so many people working by my side. I kept asking myself, (and anyone listening) how could she be so self-involved for not understanding my job commitment. I almost felt calling her and requesting her to be mindful that I need to be left alone to finish this job this weekend.

Well, I am glad that I didn’t. The following day I woke up with a new strategy. I figured that my losing patience would not help. Why not kill her with the act of kindness? I set the timer on my iphone and called her every two hours to check on her. Each call was no more than five minutes, and my bride to be, was as happy as she could be. My effort gave her peace of mind and most likely made her feel important as a bride.

I realized with this experience that regardless of how busy I am, my future brides are still living and dreaming about their weddings, and my job is to be a part of that process.

That weekend I learned a valuable lesson: Good service has been quick with patience and would be slow with anger.

Dear Readers:

If you were in my position, what would you have done? Do you think I handled in an efficient manner?