It’s my opinion: Most vendors do not get paid enough for all the work they do


It’s my opinion: Most vendors do not get paid enough for all the work they do.

I think one of the biggest challenges that most folks in the event world face, is getting our client
to pay based on our worth. I always feel sad that most brides out there do not realize what it takes to turn their dream wedding into reality.

So in today’s blog, I am hoping to direct all of the new brides to understand and pay the price,
keeping in mind the work that evolves in the wedding. I am sure that as a new bride, you have
no Idea that the countless hours and preparation, it takes to create your dream wedding.

Let me enlighten you a bit:

Let’s start with the florist: The beautiful arrangement that becomes a talk among guests on
every table, took more than a week of shopping and preparation with aligning resources before executing to make it happen in real.

Most florist start by shopping for your flowers way in advance, then comes the cleaning,
changing water daily to ensure all of your flowers are perfectly open for the wedding day. All of this happens ways before they start the process of designing your flowers and create an arrangement.

Let’s continue with the planners: Do you think that fee that you agreed on, covers all the work a planner does? The answer is, “Not at all.”

Dear bride, you must understand that a planner’s work is never done. Besides from all the
hiring and budget managing, I know of many planners that spend sleepless nights, thinking and living every moment of your wedding to get it right. I also know of a few planners that are first to reach the venue and last person to leave on the day of your wedding, mostly likely to spend 48 hours or more, without any sleep; from the moment the first vendor come to the last guest leaves, they are there.

Dear brides to be, with all due respect, I do understand that everyone is on a budget. However, the next time, your florist or planner present you with a bill, think twice, before you try to bring them down. And this is just the florist and planners; the same goes for cake designers, musicians, Invitation Designers, DJ, lighting, caterers and not to forget the venues.


Am I too harsh with my new brides? Do you feel that we as vendors, adequately compensated for all the work you do?