It’s my opinion: DIY for your own “Wedding” may not always be a good Idea.



I recently had an email from a lovely bride; that sent me a picture of one of our floral
arrangements. The Bride stated that she was on a tight budget and wanted to know how to
make that particular arrangement herself.

At first, I was taken back by her nerves, but then I understood that she wanted to have a
beautiful dream wedding, and reached out to me as she needed help. The arrangement she
loved was too complicated to make as a DIY project. Most likely she had no idea what it
evolves to create it. After a careful thought, I responded back with a suggestion that it would be
best if she chooses an arrangement that is a bit simpler and easy to attempt as a DIY wedding
project and that too for your OWN wedding.

The bride in question was not happy, and wrote back a nasty note, giving me advice that floral
arranging was not a rocket science, and I should not make it sound like a big deal. Even though
I understood the bride’s frustration but honestly, I did feel a bit sad.

Do not get me wrong; I have seen quite a few DIY weddings that turn out to be beautiful. If you
are a DIY bride, It is my opinion, which you should be aware of, that doing flowers sometimes is
not as easy as it may appear in the images in the my books and website, It takes a lot of
planning and dedication with years of experience embracing the failures before the success
comes your way.

To all the DIY brides: Choose the designs that are easy to make and manageable within your

Dear florist:
Would you share your floral secrets with a DIY bride?