It’s my opinion: As bosses, we are nothing, without the people that support us.



I am in the business of creating over the top transformations, and these could be impossible, without the very hard-working and dedicated folks that work for me.  I have had employees that have back me up for more that 15 to 20 years and others that have come and gone, in less that six months.

I was recently having a chat with a couple of business owners like myself about hiring and retaining the employees and almost each one of us said, “Getting real help in the event world is becoming almost impossible.”

I thought about the problem that most of us as vendors are facing and three main reasons that I could think of:

1.  Most people join the floral business thinking that it’s relaxing and fun, however, when they find out that floral design is 80% schlepping and preparation and 20% arranging, they run without a second thought.

2.  I am not going to belittle the millennium generation. However, my experience with hiring a couple of millennium’s have been that I am working for “them” and not the other way around.  (disclaimer: not all millennium, just a few)

3.  Another important reason is, over promising and you could say overstating on the resume has become a norm.  Just one advice to those who are looking for a job, make sure you tell the truth about the deliverables in the past, under promise and then overdeliver.  Believe me; your new boss would not only love you even more but respect you as well.

Without a doubt, I believe It’s a two-way street.  As bosses, we must learn to treat our workers with lots of care and respect.  No one would stay in any company to listen to the bosses screaming and the verbal abuses on the regular basis.

It’s my opinion that employees should be treated as a family, always give them plenty of room to grow.

For Workers: Have you ever had an abusive boss, If yes, did you leave without saying a word? For Employees: Do you find it difficult to find the right help at times?