It’s In The Details

Bathroom tray, wedding guests, Preston Bailey entertaining ideas.
Dear Preston:
I have never been to one of your events (though it’s on my bucket list).  I always see wonderful photos of your big statement pieces; and have wondered what small details guests of your events get to enjoy.  Can you share something not too many people think about?
Sharing Secrets
Dear Secrets:
What a wonderful question! For me, larger statement pieces set the tone, but it’s the little details that are what make guests feel so special and cared for.  I often speak about greeting guests at the entrance with a glass of champagne or a selection of chocolates, but there are many more other small ways to make a big impact. Take for example paying attention to areas that are often overlooked by hosts such as the bathroom.  I personally love a well decorated and stocked restroom.  Lovely candles and amenities placed on a tray to create a sophisticated space where your guests can freshen up and catch up; all in an atmosphere that feels more like a powder room than a necessity. Some ideas: place a couple of favored light perfumes and colognes on a lovely silver tray, have a basket with moist towelettes, spray deodorant, mints or individually-packed toothbrushes, small sewing kits, and other little extras that can come in handy for a guest who needs a little help but doesn’t want to bring attention to it.
What do you think of this idea?  What necessity do you think would come in handy for guests?
(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)