It’s Fabulous Friday!


Preston Bailey Inspiration Mantiques

I always say that anything, anywhere can inspire me, and that is never more true than on the internet. Here are some people, places and things that have inspired me this week:

This Coca-Cola commercial is brilliant.

The antiques at Mantiques are even better than the store’s fabulous name.

Origami invitations to a Louis Vuitton store opening — need I say more? Okay: STUNNING.

This installation by Welsh artist Zander Olsen has my mind spinning with inspiring ideas.

With all the travel I do, I just might have to buy this hilarious luggage.

Most of us draw with pencils, but this artist uses only the pencil shavings to create his portraits.

Dear Readers, what inspired you this week? Please share your favorite links. I’d love to check them out.

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(Photo via Mantiques Modern)