Interview With Pauline Hoogmoed


Dear Readers,

As many of you know, I was recently in Las Vegas doing a demonstration for Event Solutions Idea Factory attendees. There is something very special about these events–the energy, sense of camaraderie, the wonderful conversations I am able to have with those who return year-after-year, and new friends who are experiencing the event for the first time all work together to make them very memorable experiences for me. Today, I am interviewing the incredibly generous and talented founder, Pauline Hoogmoed. Pauline and I have worked together for a few years now, and I am honored she and the wonderful attendees have asked me to come back and speak for the past few years.

Question: Have you been to an Event Solutions Idea Factory Event?  Do you enjoy these kinds of events?  Are you a fan of demonstrations?



With all of the wonderful new people I meet and the incredible stories I hear, I personally feel that I get something new every time I speak at an Event Solutions event.  Do you feel this is why so many people return year?

The Event and Catering industries are exciting to work in, but they can feel grueling and competitive. I think many people attend Event Solutions and Catersource to get re-energized, learn from each other, and meet like-minded people who share their passion for the industry as a whole. I recently met a wedding planner who almost didn’t come to Event Solutions Idea Factory because she was so drained from doing so many weddings and was in the midst of dealing with a difficult bride. After two days at Event Solutions Idea Factory, the same planner was displaying a renewed sense of enthusiasm and was excited to go back and meet with her client and share what she had learned with her team.

I’d really love to know what you feel the purpose and soul of the event is?  

There really is a sense of connection and community at these events.  This is a place for people to support and learn and learn innovative techniques they can apply to their businesses.  I love the sense of rejuvenation I see at the events, people get excited about going back to work!

That is so wonderful! I have noticed that myself over our years together.  Speaking of which, we are now entering our fourth year working together, which I really enjoy, btw.  What do you feel works about our partnership?

It really comes down to the connections. We like to find speakers the audience is excited to see, but who also take the time to connect with that audience. We appreciate the speakers who genuinely want to share their expertise with our attendees and who continue to push the envelope for learning year after year.  The audience appreciates your humility and  honesty, the fact you are willing to share your mistakes and tips on how to succeed as well as the fact that you are so approachable, always staying to the end for  book signings and photos. These things matter.

What is the greatest reward you get from Event Solutions?

When I hear from attendees how much we’ve helped their business and how excited they are to go back and meet their clients, I feel honored to be a part of that.

What responsibilities do you feel to the attendees?  

The attendees make the conference. I was recently in line to be let on the bus and a man in front of me suggested that I go first since I was “important”.  It was a sweet thing to say, but I reminded him that I was I was only “important” because he was there, and I meant it.  I am there for them and because of them.

Tell us what exciting things you have planned for Event Solutions this year!  

 he staff at Event Solutions & Catersource are from the event & catering industry. So when they plan the conference each year, they carefully look at what speakers  and education plans will excite them and others. For next year, Event Solutions and Catersource wants to look at doing more hands-on workshops and seminars, more opportunities to network. In addition, Event Solutions and Catersource is always looking for fresh new ways to deliver content.


Event Solutions/Catersource will be March 23-26, 2014 at the Paris Hotel.