INSPIRED BY Attendees at PB Protégé



I recently have had the opportunity to be with PB Protégé attendees at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Not only I have had the privilege to share some of my experiences learned over the years being in creative business with the participants; but got inspired by the lessons of courage and endurance from each one of them.

PB Protégé group among many, had two doctors, an engineer, a male nurse, and a teacher. All these folks were willing to leave their well-paying jobs and follow their dream of being a floral designer.

I think it takes a lot of courage to make such a bold decision that would change your life by taking away the financial security. In a way, I never have to make such a choice; I became a floral designer by luck. My friend got me the job of designing flowers, when I was broke and needed a job badly many years ago. Since then, I have been creating florals for my luxury clients all over the world.

I am surprised to see that there are some professionals from other fields out there who are willing to take a drastic step of changing jobs, not related to their field or educational background. When I got back in NY after PB Protégé workshop, I end up sharing this story of courage, with a couple of my dear friends. And their first response was, “They must be crazy; we do not have room for another florist or a designer in the event world as our business world is crammed.  Everyone is struggling to get the next job; you should have given them a reality check and advised them to keep the well-paying day job that brings in a decent paycheck with a security and other benefits.”

I was so surprised at this statement; I think that there is room for each one of us to grow in the industry having a unique individual personality offering something different.

Dear readers:

Do you agree with my industry friends opinion? Or like me, do you believe that we should follow our dreams, knowing that with God’s grace, there is enough work for all of us?