Inspirational Reminders


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 Dear Readers:

Very often, when I read a book, I tend to underline passages that stand out as a reminder to my future self when I inevitably pick the book up again (something I often do).  Today, I would like to share a few lines from one of my favorite books, Do It: Let’s Get Off Our Butts by Peter McWilliams.

“In order to fulfill your dreams, eliminate the ‘buts’ in your life.”  Example: I wanted to develop my design skills today, but I got up late.  But can be shortened for BS.

The author also discusses the importance of remaining positive once you have chosen to push through the excuses. Hediscusses the value of forward-thinking with a positive outlook about your own  ability to get from point A to B, explaining that what we picture in our minds often works like a magnet. A positive image of the future draws it closer to us.

A Few More Tips:

Keep things simple. Practice your skills at least two hours a day, otherwise you are not learning.

Courage is the wisdom to act, even when we are afraid.

Be gentle with yourself and embrace your mistakes. “This will help me to be better next time” is more productive than “I will never get it right.”

There is only one person that impedes us from living our dreams.  That person is right inside of us.  Be vigilant.

Pursing a big dream takes the same amount of effort that pursuing a small one, so dream big.
Fear in an acronym:





I am writing this post as a reminder, not only to you but myself. Could you share with us today the one inspirational  reminder that keeps you going?