Inspiration: Taking Care Of You


Preston Bailey Wedding Event Design Space

Working in an industry as dynamic as the event business, it’s often difficult to slow down. Many planners and designers equate “full speed ahead” with success, not realizing that, like everything else in life, success is built on a balanced foundation.


To run the farthest, we must not only train, but rest. To make good decisions, we must think about the steps ahead. To offer shade to others, we must plant seeds and water ourselves.


I found this especially difficult when I was starting out in my career. I thought that “downtime” was for those who lacked ambition, and I was willing to run myself ragged in order to please those around me. I quickly learned that the best vision can be undermined by tired eyes, and as an artist, my thoughts and feelings about my work was equally important.


That’s not to say I don’t push myself or compromise. I do, as does my wonderful team. This post is about nurturing yourself the way you would a beautiful orchid, watering yourself the way you would a gorgeous garden, and finding the time to bask in the sunshine and actually enjoy it.





(Photo by Wallpapers Wa)