Inspiration: Respecting Your Talents


How much respect do you give your talents?

I posed this question to myself very recently and it brought about some interesting thoughts.

As artists, we are often placed in the position creating once-in-a-lifetime pieces for the once-in-a-lifetime moments of our clients. They have a dream they ask us to design, leaving us to balance the fine line between honoring their desire and keeping our artistic integrity intact. If we go too far in either direction, the scales tip, and one of us tends to feel cheated.  The client wants an event that is true to them and we want to create pieces that are true to our vision. This is why the relationship between designer and client is such a profound one and requires mutual respect and trust.

What many of us forget is that these relationships are only possible when we trust and respect ourselves.  This starts by paying close attention to the way we view, present and even speak about ourselves and our work.

Here are  few questions I would like to pose to you today:

– How do you treat yourself?

– What is the language you use to describe yourself and your work?

– Do you view yourself as a florist or artist?  Are you a planner or visionary?

– Do you trust your instinct and vision or do you sacrifice your talents to make others happy? 

– Are you flexible and open or more “stuck in your ways”?

– Do you see your career as a “job” or a “purpose”?

Through my own experiences (and missteps) I have learned that our vision becomes clearer once we acknowledge and show gratitude for the gifts bestowed upon us by God and Mother Nature. Suddenly, we begin to understand the responsibility we have to share these gifts with others.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard and treat ourselves, our time and our talent with the respect they deserve.  We look to manage our time better and tell the self doubt that pesters us, “zip it, I am working.”

In essence, we start to blossom into the artist we were meant to be.  That is when the fun begins for there is a beauty in authenticity that transcends trends and transforms arrangements into artwork. 




How will you honor your talents today?

(Photo courtesy of Image Of Net)