I’m All About The Client

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I’m All About the Client, Kathy Romero: Preston Bailey’s Blog


Dear Readers:

If you care about your clients as much as I do, you find yourself acting as the mother hen quite often. Providing the highest client experience is paramount, and truthfully, this is what makes me the proudest about the role I play in the lives of my clients. Why am I bringing this up you ask? A huge part of a planner’s success consists in his/her ability to put together a strong and talented creative team that is competent and connects with your clients. In this industry you rarely get a second chance to impress so chemistry is key and so are first impressions.

Making the decision of which vendor will be appropriate for your clients is not as easy as it seems. While there are many talented individuals that provide a top of the line product or service, sometimes the chemistry is just not there. That my friends is probably my biggest nightmare. When a client hints at not being impressed with some of the best individuals in the industry most of the time is not because of their work but because of their personality. I cannot stress enough that your work speaks for you but the moment you open your mouth it could almost magically all be forgotten and so can you.

Today, I want to remind my industry friends not to forget that it’s not about you, it’s about our clients. Everyone is replaceable. Even if you consider yourself the crème del la crème of the industry, consider how your behavior will work for or against you maintaining that reputation. If you are good, your work speaks for itself, but your work means nothing if it’s not accompanied by heart.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve recommended a spectacular vendor but when your client met them, it went totally wrong? I’d love to hear how you handled the situation?

With a Happy HEart,


Kathy Romero is the Director of Wedding Planning For Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every Thursday.

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