Igniting Imagination

new york city, central park, preston bailey

new york city, central park, preston bailey

Dear Readers,

Happy Wednesday!

It is such a beautiful day here in New York City.  The sun is shining brightly and the air is brisk, yet still warm enough to host a lovely walk (or run) through Central Park.  Whenever I step into the park, I feel as though the concrete city that surrounds it just fades away.  The trees, fountains, hills, ducks and birds create a sort of sanctuary that humbles me and reminds me that Mother Nature will always be the greatest designer.

It is while on these walks that I allow my mind to wander.  For the first twenty minutes, it’s usually going through those never-ending “to-do” lists, but then I will see a magnificent tree, sun spotlight, or even a mother and child walking hand-in-hand, and I will find an artists greatest discovery: inspiration.  Albert Einstein once said that imagination was more important than knowledge and that it also dictated where we went in the future.  I tend to agree in that I believe imagination inspires us to seek knowledge and growth and that my journey becomes more colorful and more meaningful with each new and inspiring dream.

Today, I would like to ask you not only what tends to spark your most inspiring moments, but also what wonderfully “impossible” dream you are working on now?

Happy Daydreaming,