I Want You To Help Me Plan My Wedding


Dear Readers,

I have a confession:  I am a very late bloomer.  After looking for the right person for many years, I found my partner; Theo Bleckmann and I are getting married at the very young age of 63. That’s right, after doing thousands of weddings, it is time to plan my own. We happily announced the news to our respective families and friends at our annual Thanksgiving celebration.  Most of them were thrilled for us, but a few members of my own family thought we would burn in hell for having a same-sex marriage.  This is still a hot issue in America and many countries around the world, but for Theo and myself, it is very simple.  After knowing one another for seven beautiful years, we realize that we not only love, but also more importantly understand one another and we would like to have the right to make a public commitment and share our intent to spend the rest of our lives together while surrounded by our closest friends and family.

With only six weeks to plan our wedding (!) I see myself resisting the temptation of becoming a Groomzilla.  I am going to be turning to all of you for the next few weeks to ask your advice on many of the details. I hope you will join in the fun of planning and share your thoughts!

First Detail:

Theo and I are in the process of finalizing our guest list. Should I even bother inviting my lovely family members who are convinced that my partner and I will burn in hell as a result of getting married?


Also, please feel free to give us your opinion on same sex marriages in the comment section below.


I truly look forward to reading your thoughts.






(Photo courtesy of Project Wedding)