I Hate Our Fake Planner, But My Boss Loves Him.



Dear Preston:

I am a floral assistant who works at an incredible firm and love my boss and direct supervisor, but cannot stand the planner who works with us!  He is such a bossy, vile and rude human being to everyone in the office but then becomes so fake and sweet when clients and the boss comes in; it drives me crazy! I think he knows how I feel because he is getting ruder as each day passes and I am scared he is going to get me fired. The boss (who never sees what a jerk he is) loves him and he’s always in her ear.  What should I do?

Hate The Fake

Dear HTF:

I am with you; I personally am not a fan of phony people who put on airs. Unfortunately, this industry–and every other industry–has people who have as much ego (if not more) than talent.  You say the planner is rude but don’t go further. Is he disrespectful? Creating a hostile work environment or being deceptive? Or is he acting out his teen movie mean girl fantasies and just making comments that could easily be laughed at (not because they are funny, but because it is so juvenile that you have to chuckle at his expense?)

Hate The Fake, you say you like your boss and work an an “incredible” firm. This tells me your boss has a good sense of how to read and hire people and knows who they are and what they bring the the table. I don’t think any reasonable or clever boss would fire a good employee based on office gossip.  I also think you might not know the full story regarding the boss’s feelings about this planner or how much she knows.

What I will say is this; carry yourself with grace, confidence and be the hardworking and talented assistant you are while keeping your focus on achieving your own goals and protecting your own reputation. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself (that’s your basic human right), but don’t ever allow people who act small to distract you from your bigger picture.  This planner sounds like jerk, but he wins if you focus more on him than taking full advantage of your days.

Readers: What would you do in this situation?