How Would You Design My Wedding?

Preston Bailey, Dramatic Table Settings


Dear Readers:

When Donald Trump married his stunning bride Melania, I planned and designed the wedding in a short period of time, four weeks to be exact. Looking back, it was all a whirlwind of action and I do not know how we did it!  As Theo and I plan our wedding, I find myself to be in the same position I was back in January of 2005. Thanks to a busy workload, speaking engagements and a number of other projects, I was forced to put off planning and design until last week, leaving me just one month to finalize all of the details.
Have you ever been your own client?  It’s not something I recommend. I decided to turn to my good friend, Marcy Blum, a remarkable planner who also happens to know me better than I know myself. Marcy graciously accepted the challenge, but that still left the design portion.  This should be fun (I am a designer, after all), and the fact that I am changing my mind so frequently that I am driving the “A-Team” of vendors helping us with our wedding absolutely crazy has made it a challenge.
When I interview a potential client, I always ask them to share the design direction they would like to follow, flesh it out, and then use it as a starting point. When I ask myself this question, three words keep emerging:








In today’s blog, I would like to ask you all to play planner with me.
If I were your client and you were designing my wedding, what would you do?
What words come to mind?
What colors?
Do not hesitate to be as descriptive as you’d like.


I promise that if you give me a great idea and I use it, I will give you full credit.


Happy Planning!




(Photo Courtesy of Inside Weddings)