How Will You Pay It Forward Today?


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Dear Readers:

Happy Monday. This morning, I had quite a shock; I looked up from my desk at the calendar and realized it was already halfway through August! Where did the summer go? My staff and I have been so busy that it has felt as though the past few months have just flown by!

I know I say it often, but I truly am honored to be working alongside such talented artists. During my staff meeting this morning, I found myself thinking about each of the people who work hard alongside me to help create these memorable moments for our clients. I could not help but feel grateful, not only for the opportunity to be in the position I am in, but to have the chance to get to know each of them, not just as great artists and dedicated staff members, but as truly unique individuals.

When I was just starting in this business 30 years ago, I was just a man who loved working with flowers, who felt he had won the universal lottery upon being given an opportunity to fulfill my “dream job” by my dear friend, Vincent Wolf. It never occurred to me that I would one day be sitting in an office with my name on it, discussing logistics with my staff. How fortunate I am to have this opportunity to give other artists the opportunity to do what they love every day for a living.

I was reminded of the beauty in paying it forward, in karmic payback. To receive is wonderful, but to receive and then give back is purpose.

Today, I would like to ask you about your big break; who gave it to you? How did it help you? I would also like to know how you will give someone else the chance, the break, the opportunity to move closer to their own dreams. How will you use your generosity of time, knowledge, introduction or mentorship to help someone else?



(Image Courtesy of  Only But A Glimpse)