How Will You Design Your Space In The Industry?


Dear Readers:

This week my staff and I are in the trenches, making final adjustments,  and working together to do all we can to exceed the expectations of the client we are working with.

This morning, while thinking about this latest design, I started to reflect on the various desires that tend to fuel all artists, mainly the desire to create something that leaves all who see it feeling as though they have experienced something fresh, new, and innovative.  Images of the  Guangzhou Opera House came to mind. The design, created by Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid, took five years and 1.38 billion yuan (approximately $200 million US dollars) to build and does an incredible job of marrying the unexpected with traditional elegance.

Boasting a concrete auditorium and an exposed granite and glass-clad steel frame, the structure was hailed by architects as a design fête and served as a source of inspiration for fashion designer Vivienne Tam, who based her Fall 2010 collection on the house.




Today, I want to ask all of you how you will really work to push yourself as designers. Whether a florist or working on the design of an event itself, I would love to ask how you plan to challenge conventional thought-processes and really create something that sets a trend instead of following it. Lastly, I want to remind all of you that you are all artists with a unique set of talents and your own creative eye. There is a place for all of us. How will you design yours?




(Photos courtesy of Zaha Hadid)