How to survive in the event business.




“How to survive in the event business”

In todays blog, I’ll like to suggest 5 tips that might help you survive, regards of your challenges.

1 Get over yourself.
Playing it safe, is boring. You’ll be surprised to learn that 70% of the designs I present to my clients, they do not like.
But that 30% they like, is like gold.

2 Set the right goals.
“I want to be the best” is not a goal, it’s a fantasy from you ego.
Better Goal: “ I want to always do my best, regardless”

3 Eliminate distractions.
Distractions could be a success killer.
We create distractions to avoid creating.
I use to spend way too much time watching NETFLIX , my way of avoiding working on my new book. Now I try to watch only on Sundays.
Be careful of all of the other distractions, Instagram, games, etc.
Make sure that you spend time working on that great Idea you have.

4 Remove your binders.
I have always say, You can think big, or you can thing small, be brave and think big.
Do not let anyone stop you from realizing your dreams,

5 Connect with questions.
‘The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge” Thomas Berger
I love that quote, sometimes we are so busy talking that we forget this.
Can not tell you how much I have learned from my influential clients by simply asking questions. Some of them are incredibly Inspiring.

Let me know if any of these tips, rings true to you.
Also please share a tip of your own.