How to remain Inspired:


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How to remain Inspired:

I envy those designers that have the ability, to design on the spot.
For me, designing a job,even though the process is exciting, I find it to
be challenging in some situations. At the moment, I am designing six projects in
the up coming months and process is challenging that requires inspiration each
day. I sit in my office early hours each morning, hoping and praying, that I am
touched by the creative hands of God.

I believe, that God keeps on sending in creative inspiring messages in many
different ways_ through a friend, a spouse, a colleague or for instance, a
stranger passing by with a brim smile.
Recently, I have two very Inspiring moments in my life.
I was in the process of designing a job, came up with at least five different Ideas,
that the client thought were not good enough. The planner NORMA COHEN,
I am working with, came up with such a brilliant idea, I visualize it, put in a
rendering, presented to our client and they loved it.
I find NORMA COHEN, to be creative and also a great source of Inspiration, and
I love that she pushes me to be a better designer.

Another inspiring moment this week; when I heard the powerful speech by the
first lady MICHELLE OBAMA, at the DNC. For me, the most Inspiring part of this
speech was where she talks about her daughters and ties into sending a very
powerful political message of love, hope and change to all children in the
country. I know it’s a cliche, but her speech inspired me to work towards being a
much better person.

Inspiration comes from many different people, places and off course nature.
Only thing to remember is to keep our hearts open and ready to get inspired.

Dear Readers, Could you please share with us, where do you get your