How to Make Money: Success is About Endurance

Team Photo

My friend Marcy and I had the most invigorating weekend with our mentoring program, Bailey and Blum. At first, we were ambitious in thinking we could have a large group of folks for the weekend. However, after some discussion and thought, we decided the most important part of the seminar was spending one on one time with each participant. Given the short timeline of two days, we decided to have a more intimate group of attendees, with a mixture of beginners and veterans (and even two people who traveled all the way from Portugal!).

We ended up with the most dynamic group of people. Not only did Marcy and I really like them, but they also really liked each other. There was a definite connection between all of us.

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The luncheon table

The one question that was prevalent among all the folks was, of course, how to make money. What astounded me was how each and every person had such an incredible love and passion for this business. Since this was the case, I had no qualms in telling them probably one of the most important take-aways from the whole weekend: success is about endurance.  My favorite part of the weekend was speaking to each person individually. In meeting each person and talking to them about their businesses, it was very apparent to me that endurance will come easily for these passionate folks.

It was a growth experience for me too. Each person helped remind me about my own love for the business and the desire I have to work hard (and endure) every day.

Presentation Photo

Master foodie Olivier Cheng and his Executive Chef Jenny Glasgow created an amazing lunch. They also instructed the group on the importance of great food presentation.

Needless to say, Marcy and I had a very powerful experience interacting with and teaching all the participants. One really great addition to the weekend was having Millie Bratten and Maria McBride from Brides magazine there for the whole day. It was a joy having them join us. We’re definitely looking forward to the next installment of Bailey and Blum (possibly this summer).

I also wanted to list all the attendees here in alphabetical order, and tell them once again how how wonderful it was to meet them and spend time with them this weekend:

  • Anne Bowen
  • Linda Casals
  • Deborah Dixon
  • Daphne Douge
  • Eric Ellen
  • Chrisya Enriquez
  • Alberta Marimba
  • Grace Muchiri
  • Autumn Oser
  • Jill Pocsik
  • Lydia Short
  • Claudia Teixeira
  • Katharine Warden

Please tell me, in one word how do you define success (and why)?