How to Make Money: How to Get a New Client

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An example of a dramatic statement

Most of the clients I have worked with found me through word of mouth or referrals. When I first started it was more than a challenge to get business this way. I was so incredibly grateful when anyone remotely noticed and liked my work. It took me a while to understand (even just for myself) what it is I was actually selling. Even today, I think what I still work hard in selling is great service and beauty.

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Understanding what you are selling in a very fundamental way is the first step in getting clients. The second step I took was practicing my craft as often as possible. I am in the event business because I love giving parties, so I used to approach my friends and family every time they wanted to throw a party. I offered to help them just for the practice. This is how the referrals began.

flowers,floral design,arrangements
flowers,floral design

Even escort card tables can be dramatic statements

It’s also extremely important that you either photograph or keep a very clear sample of the work you are doing to later use as a sales tool. My first book Design for Entertaining is just that–a compilation of my work back then.

flowers,floral design,arrangements

This dramatic statement was created to mimic the client’s beloved pet

Every single guest in any event you do is a potential client. It’s strictly up to you to show them something or give them an experience they’ll never forget. There is one tool I have used for many years, and it’s proven to be extremely effective in getting clients. I call it creating a DRAMATIC STATEMENT. Even if you do not have a large budget, if you invest most of it in this statement, it is the one thing a potential client will remember and most likely call you about when they are entertaining.

Now tell me, how did you get your first client?