How To: Design an Art Deco Event


Dear Readers:

Bringing a client’s vision to life always provides an interesting challenge. However, thanks to the amazing technology available to us today, we are able to offer clients renderings that are in line with their vision and the final product.

This week I’ll like to walk you through the process of designing this lovely clients dream of a deco design. Let’s go step-by-step.

Our client wanted a full transformation of Gotham Hall, a former bank-turned-event space in New York City. The Art Deco concept was to include very bold colors and statement.

An empty Gotham Hall.
An empty Gotham Hall.

Step One:  Find a great image that will help you tell the story.

While doing our research, we found this amazing art deco Image and  used it as our inspiration. I personally loved the two tall vases on pedestals. We later used them on the stage.

Art Deco design inspiration.


Step Two:  Start by designing the tables and centerpieces.

In order to set yourself apart, you can start by designing your own floral containers. For example, use existing glass vases and cover with flowers to create the first two containers in the rendering below.

Using a CAD program, we designed these three containers.





Step Three: Create bold statements around the room.

The stage is a great place to create a dramatic statement. We used the two tall vases from the inspirational image to create a proscenium. We also enhanced the room by creating four large hanging crystal chandeliers. As it is very important that our clients get a true concept of what the ballroom was actually going to look like we used a CAD program to create these two renderings.



The first rendering included only the containers, stage and ceiling. We did this so that clients would be able to see the scale of the room with the vases on the tables.



 The second rendering should tell the story of the final execution as closely as possible. This is the rendering of what we proposed the room should look like.


This was an actual photo of the final event.


Though it is not always the case, after a few changes and price negotiation, our clients were very happy. Clearly this design is not for everyone, but our job is always to make the clients happy. In my new “How To” blog, I would like to give you the opportunity to ask anything you would like about the designs I post. Though it may take me a while, I promise to answer all of your questions. Now, I already hear you asking, “How much was this job?” Take a guess.

 Also, a note from last week’s blog.  Our client decided she loved the tables without all of the hangings above them. You can’t win them all.