How To Design A Preston Bailey Event



Dear Readers:

Anyone who tells you that it is easy to design a client’s dream is full of bull. For this reason, I thought I would start a new blog series on Wednesday’s. In this new series, “Design a Preston Bailey Event”, I will share the many challenges and fun we encounter as we work diligently to bring to life the designs we hope will please our savvy clients.

First, I have learned that most clients love choices. For this reason my design team and I give our clients two to three completely different designs. And why not? It’s a lot more work, but let’s face it; even if it is challenging, I love to design.

Today I will walk you through one of the designs I presented in my studio to a client. ( I love showing my clients exactly what they are getting). I want all of you to tell me where I went wrong.



Client Wish List:

  • A classic and traditional look.
  • She wanted guests to feel as though they were dining in her home.
  • She wanted to create an intimate feeling at each table.


What we provided:

  • We gave her greens and whites (you can’t get more classic than that).
  • We rented and hung a chandelier above the table to give the feeling of being in someone’s home.
  • We rented an amazing traditional table and chairs (that were very comfortable).


My client loved most of what we showed her but eliminated one element from the design. Based on the instructions given to us, can you guess which one?

Please join me here next Wednesday for the answer and to see a new design.