How to Create Art That Sells


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Your creativity is a gift from God, and there is nothing more powerful than embracing that creative energy. As an artist and creative person, I’ve learned many things over the years. First and foremost that mistakes are necessary and progress is more important than perfection.

But the million dollar question is always: how do we create art that sells?

My love of flowers is what made me an artist all those years ago. Eventually, that love grew to include a passion for designing and transforming raw spaces. But learning to sell that love and passion is much harder. One key to making a profit is staying fresh and incorporating new ideas and perspectives into our work every chance we can. After all, no two events are the same — so their design shouldn’t be either.

If you want to sell your art, here are a few humble suggestions to get you started:

1. Be wary of clients who request a replica of one of your previous designs for their own event. As an artist, you must constantly change and improve your work. Don’t be afraid to evolve. Even the very best designs eventually become passé.

2. Keep a lid on it. The problem with always looking at other people’s work is that you run the risk of copying them. This habit can kill your ability to generate your own ideas. If you want to be original, look within yourself.

3. Develop an identity, and stick to it. You know you’re successful when guests arrive at your events and immediately recognize them as yours — not because they all look the same but because they all feel the same. They should have the same power. As an artist, this is your greatest gold, the ability to convey your feelings.

Becoming a commercially successful artist is always a challenge. Because it’s not enough to be creative and talented. You also have to know how to sell. With that in mind, I’ll continue this discussion here on Wednesday and Thursday.

Dear Readers, please tell me about one of your most successful designs or services and what made it so salable. One such example for me is my first book, Design for Entertaining: Inspiration for Creating the Party of Your Dreams. I think the secret to its’ success was that most of the designs in that book were just a lot of fun.

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