How Old Is the Concept of a Wedding Planner?


preston bailey wedding planners

Different parts of the world do things very differently, and in the wedding and event industry that means that clients have very different ideas of what’s acceptable and what they are willing to pay for. Even in America, things can vary wildly from state to state!

In some places, planners are called event organizers or event producers. Designers meanwhile are sometimes referred to as event stylists or florists. Regardless of title, though, the challenges remain the same. We still have to explain to our clients why our services are worth the money.

History, too, plays a big role, and it can help us understand why clients resist paying for some services and not others.

Here’s a little history quiz:

When do you think the concept of a planner first appeared in New York?

A) Before 1980
B) Between 1980 and 1983
C) Between 1984 and 1987
D) Between 1988 and 1991
E) After 1991

Do you know when it first appeared in your city? Please share in the comments! And I’ll give you my answer in tomorrow’s Dear Preston column. You are not going to believe the answer!

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