How Much Time Do You Need?

Good Morning, Everyone
Because of the impending Fourth of July holiday, I’ll be continuing my blogs on Pricing and Transparency next week.  This week, I thought we would have some fun and play a game where I would test your event knowledge.
Each day this week, I will give you few questions and multiple answers for you to choose from.  Today, we will put my florist friends in the hot seat.
If you are like me, figuring out the right amount of time to allot to set up flowers (and not have them being assembled when the guests arrive) takes a bit of practice.  It took me years to find the right window for myself and my team to set up and break down.
As a florist, how much time should you request to set up a wedding for 200 guests? Before you answer, I want you to imagine that you are being asked to present the most elaborate floral presentation you have ever done.
A. The night before the weeding
B. Starting at 9am the day of event
C. Five hours before event.
D. None of the above.
Now, how much time should you request for breakdown?
A. One hour after the event
B. Five hours after the event
C. You’ll breakdown the morning after the event
D. You plan to leave everything behind
Since it is common practice for venues to book more than one wedding at a time, it’s essential that we request the appropriate amount of time for both set up and break down. Though many venues will accommodate our requests, there are times when we must gently and firmly insist.
What is your opinion?
(Photo Courtesy of Visualize Us)