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Yesterday I wrote about one of the most common questions I get whenever I do a speaking engagement at an industry event. Today I’d like to share another question I hear a lot. This one is of a much more personal nature… a lot of folks ask me how I stay in shape.

The answer is a complicated one, because I’m an addict.

Twenty years ago, I gave up drugs and alcohol. But those weren’t my only addictions. I come from a family that struggles with obesity. My mother showed her love for us with food. We were always eating. For a long time, I blamed my mother for my poor eating habits, and it took me many years to understand she was showing her love the best way she knew how.

Unfortunately, to this day, I remain completely addicted to sweets. Not a day goes by that I don’t need a sugar fix. But I’ve also learned how to replace my bad addictions with a good one: working out.

The added bonus is that working out calms me. The wedding and event industry can be very stressful, and nothing prepares me better for my job than starting each day with a strenuous session at my gym. Running, rowing, swimming, biking, yoga, lifting weights — I love it all! And by cross training, I never get bored.

But even if working out doesn’t come naturally, you can still get in shape. Regular long, brisk walks will do wonders for your mental and physical health.

I also suggest getting to know my friend Erwin Gonzalez and his blog, The Perspiration Journal. (That’s a photo of Erwin above!) I follow his advice every single day, and his expertise helps me balance fitness with the rest of my life.

Dear Readers, what kind of physical exercise do you do to deal with stress? What have you tried? What do you like? Any tips for me? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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