How Does Your Vision (Of Yourself) Impact Your Clients?


Preston Bailey Designs Your Vision Self Worth


Dear Readers,

Today I would like to speak on the importance of self-respect and self-nurturing.  As event planners, designers, florists and artists, we are constantly giving to those around us.  I believe that I leave a piece of myself in every design I hand over.  While I have been blessed with appreciative, kind, and wonderful clients, I have also worked with those who were not as appreciative of my time, creativity, and energy.  While accolades are always nice, it is essential that our sense of worth not be  swayed drastically by cheers, comments, and critiques of those around us.

Time has shown me that the more we treat ourselves with respect (which is completely different from tossing around ones ego), the more we will respect our work and the space we take up in the world and our industry. Furthermore, those around us will start to treat us with more respect as people often treat us the way we treat ourselves.

I would like to know how you carry yourself with clients and others and how you feel this has impacted your reputation positively and negatively?  Do you allow criticism to deflate you?  Are you someone who thrives on the cheering of the crowd?  Please share with us.



(Photo Courtesy of  Visioluxus