How Do You Use Social Media?


  1. Dear Readers,

Very recently, I had a lively discussion about social media and the use of technology in both ones personal life and as an effective marketing resource.  When I started, there was only word-of-mouth and print ads to really push a brand forward, but in this day and age, a brand is ill-served without an effective social media campaign to supplement and promote quality work.

Or so I argued.

One of my colleagues begged to differ, stating that Tweeting, blogging, Pinning and hosting Facebook pages were fun ways to connect (at best), but really did little for the bottom line (sales).  He also stated that he’d seen businesses alienate consumers.  I agree that no one should feel spammed with ads and links, but I personally enjoy interacting with all of you through various outlets and with the people I follow.  Not only does it bring me pleasure to meet and speak with everyone,  but I feel we are a community of artists and the exchange of information is a beautiful thing.  I use my Twitter and various social media pages to share ideas and work, but also as a way to connect with clients, colleagues, and readers.

I would like to ask all of you to chime in and share your thoughts on social media.

-Do you think it helps or hurts a brand (or is it neutral)?

-What do you feel is the most effective and ineffective ways to use mediums like Twitter and Pinterest?

-What has been your most positive/negative experience on Twitter?

-Are some mediums more useful than others?

-What are the coolest “new” ways to build your brand online?

I look forward to reading your thoughts!