How do you tell a guest, that it’s not “Ok” to take home your candelabras after the wedding is over?



Dear Readers,

As you all know that I have been in the event industry for 36 years, and having said that, I will admit that I have been around so many surprises. As a result, there is not much left to bewilder me. However, I did a wedding a while ago and got just in time to witness a very electrifying experience.

It’s no secret that Preston Bailey Design is known for creating very tall and elaborate centerpieces.  For this wedding, in particular, we used a very expensive five feet tall crystal candelabras to give height and create an impact in that ballroom.

After the event, I was just in time to catch one of the guests, actually walking out with two of my crystal candelabras.  These were so big and cumbersome that the guest had to ask the hotel crew to lend him a helping hand to take outside. Just talking about this incidence makes me shiver.

Till today, I can’t seem to comprehend as why guest did not ask their host before even thinking about taking with them? Don’t get me wrong; I believe it’s a big compliment when the guest takes home the flowers after the event to enjoy them a bit longer.  But I was at a loss for a word when I see a guest at a wedding taking the crystal candelabra.

At the time, I decided not to embarrass the guest, and I instructed my staff to let them take it.  As it turned out, this was one of my clients’ relatives, and after knowing what happened my client felt embarrassed and were more willing to pay for it.

Do you think I should have stopped them?  How would you have handled this kind of a situation? Did you ever experienced something like this and what was your reaction?