How Do You Stay Passionate?


prestion bailey passion for designYesterday in my Dear Preston column I answered a young florist‘s question about knowing when and if to give up. Folks left some really tremendous comments in response. I especially love what Jenna had to say:

“I’ve found that there are generally 2 types of people who decide to ‘try out’ the wedding industry. Those who think it ‘sounds fun’ and those who feel it and live it almost like a mini obsession. I have so many friends who think working in this industry is glamorous and would like to be a wedding planner — just like that. They don’t quite get it. It’s not easy. I believe this is an industry you have to truly be passionate about in order to succeed in. Those who have made it; they get it.”

Jenna, thank you for your astute observation. I could not agree with you more!

I do think, though, that sometimes when we face adversity it can be very difficult to maintain our passion.

My question today, Dear Readers, is very simple: How do you keep your passion? (Especially when you face an unhappy client or other professional setback?) Let’s encourage one another and boost each other’s spirits!

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(Photo via Lynnette Penacho)