How Do You Know When You’ve Crossed the Line?


Preston Bailey business advice don't cross the line

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Everyone is a beginner once. And we all have to start somewhere.

Let’s say you hire a beginner to work for you. You take this person under your wing and teach him everything you know. After awhile, though, he decides he’s ready to leave and open his own business. You’re hurt but supportive. That is, until you discover he’s taken a few of your clients with him.

In my case, I’ve never worked for anyone else in the event design business, so I’ve never been in a position to take clients from a former boss. And, technically, there’s no law against it. But it’s definitely a gray area. How do you know when you’ve crossed the line? In your opinion, what’s okay, and what’s stealing? I think this is something a lot of us struggle with — both as employers and as employees.

Dear Readers, have you ever lost clients to an ex-employee? Did you do anything about it? Have you ever taken clients from a former boss? What happened?