How Curious Do You Allow Yourself To Be?


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Dear Readers:

I hope this Tuesday afternoon finds all of you in a curious mood.  I say this because I have found that, it is when I am curious that I am most open. I am able to, not only seek out inspiration, but to also recognize it when it comes into physical, visual or mental space.  How difficult can that last part be? To set your eyes upon something or someone is so different from actually seeing what stands before you. Taking it in, processing it, learning from it–these things require the humility of curiosity, the understanding that we do not know or understand all and also the self confidence that we can learn.

How I wish I had learned these things years earlier when I went through my various periods of self-doubt and even when I got a little too big for my own britches, as they say.  The good years have given me a boost, but the tough ones have given me a stronger character (I hope), and have allowed me the chance to embrace my curiosity which I believe is directly linked to any sense of creativity I have.

Today, I want to ask you all to walk through the world with the wonder of a child.  Ask why and how instead of simply coming to conclusions.  Look up a new exhibit to check out or a restaurant to try, or simply sit down and ask your colleagues more questions and get to know who they are beyond the person your eyes lay upon every day.

Also, share with us how you seek, discover, and find inspiration in your days.