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I’m always excited when clients want to have their wedding or event at their house. Using a private home for an event is often a dream come true: it’s unique, personal, and often rich with family history. However, many clients assume that hosting an event at home will save them money. The reality, unfortunately, is that home events can actually be more expensive than events at traditional venues. Why? Because, in most cases, you have to create everything from the ground up. A private home is not designed to be an event space.

For example, most venues already have tables, chairs, linens, cutlery, lights, etc…; all of which you need for big events. Private homes don’t have these items on hand, and that means everything has to be purchased or rented. So, the next time clients ask about having an event at their home, remind them about the costs of doing so. I still love home events, but I’m always sorry when clients are disappointed, because they were under the impression they were going to be saving money.

Dear Readers, do you have a preference? Do you prefer doing events at traditional event venues or in private homes?

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