Holiday Table Inspiration


We created these holiday tables for a segment I just did on the Today Show all about using candy and wrapping paper as decor items. I wanted to share some behind the scenes images of the tables as well as a few tips.

These candy towers were made using peppermint candies (the small mints, as well as candy canes), styrofoam cones (you can see it in the first image) and plenty of little pins to secure the candies to the foam.

You can also try creating this with hotglue or toothpicks. We used holiday gift bags as placemats by cutting the bags to make them flat and showcased them under clear chargers.

To use Christmas wrapping paper to decorate this table, we cut out the poinsettias individually and glued them on to pipe cleaners to create fun, festive flowers.

The rest of the poinsettias were glued together to create placemats, a table runner and garlands.

When using your own candies or wrapping paper, think creatively about what you can cut out of the paper or how you can fold or display the items to show the best of the design.

How are you decorating for Christmas? And what is your favorite DIY tip?